D & S Forensic Investigations has a four step approach to our engagements as follows:

Step 1: Investigate
A Systematic process followed to search for the truth regarding a specific incident or incidents

Step 2: Corrective Action
Constantly recommend corrective action to ultimately “stop the bleeding” and ensure our client do not suffer any more losses

Step 3:  Hold accountable
Ensure accountability for the people responsible for the crime/losses through all possible means in the process or legislation, disciplinary enquiry and/or criminal prosecution

Step 4:  Educate and recover
Educate the client on possible corrective and preventative measures to possibly prevent similar incidents in the future then, recover any losses, whether financial or otherwise.   


Our Value Proposition

D&S Forensic Investigations - Value Proposition

D & S Forensic Investigtions offers a purpose driven outsourced solution from an optimal resource base, as a specialised holistic and trusted forensic solution.